AR/VR for Educational Communication

XR Horizon aims to transform age old teaching and Learning formats and practices into an fully Immersive and engaging Experience.
  • About Product
  • Age old method of teachers explaining the concepts using a black board and chalk drawings will be transformed into a fully immersive 3 dimensional augmented reality world where a student can see,interact and understand the subject and will help the teacher to convey his/her thoughts to the students well.
  • Product Brief
  • With the help of AR/VR/ MR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) and 360 Degree Video solutions, learning is going to be an experience rather than some boring hours staring at a black board.
What we do
We are breaking the walls of traditional confined classrooms and boring lectures to a never before learning and teaching experience.

Augmented reality and virtual reality will open up vast and endless possibilities in teaching and learning for the Professional courses like Architectural and Mechanical Engineering, Ship Building, Aeronautical engineering and even to space science.
Immersive solutions for education
This powerful tech can be implemented right from Pre Elementary to Higher Secondary Schools; UG, PG and Doctoral researches as well.

We are equipped to provide complete AR/VR solutions.

AR/VR in Education | AR/VR Industry Experts in Kochi, Kerala, India